Time Scale

Fiber Telecom is hosting a local AS112 instance advertised to our upstream and peering connections.
We are one of many volunteer operators participating in the AS112 project, which helps reduce the load on IANA blackhole servers in answering DNS queries for addresses reserved for private use.
For more information visit www.as112.net.

The Query Classifications by Subnets plot shows a kind of "quality report" for each /24 subnet. Queries are classified according to a number of known misbehaviors, shown in the legend:

  • Malformed - The DNS message was malformed and could not be entirely parsed
  • Src port 0 - The UDP query came from source port 0
  • Funny Qtype - Query type was not one of the documented types
  • Funny Qclass - Query class was not IN
  • RFC1918PTR - The query type was PTR and the name was in an in-addr.arpa zone covered by RFC1918 private address space
  • A-for-. - The query name was empty (equal to the root zone)
  • A-for-A - The query name was already an IPv4 address
  • localhost - The query was for localhost
  • root-servers.net - The query was for a root-servers.net name
  • Non-Authoritative TLD - The query was for a known-invalid TLD
  • Unclassified - the query did not fall into one of the other categories.

Click on the legend to view the queries for a specific type.